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[verse 1]

Yeah I wear glasses, so what?
I can make your whole fanbase go nuts
Cause being nerdy is cool, it’s time to grow up
Or maybe you’re a little jelly cause your flow sucks.

I’m sicker than a chick sticking her fingers into her throat tryna throw up
All the donuts she binged
in a split second reckoning she’ll never be anything more than a record setter for eating all the donuts

I’m blowing up like a samsung note 7
I open fire, no handgun, no weapon
Damn son, I was rapping back in 07
Back when I was trapped with the Catholics tryna go to heaven

And I was rapping with my glasses on
Can’t remember the last time I didn’t have them on
So elastic with the lyrics like an epsilon
They’re an apt representation of my lexicon


Get off your asses
I’m a rap star, hit em with the glasses

[verse 2]

Four eyes used to be uncool
So I was a geek in school
My friendgroup was a cesspool of massive tools
Giving me shit because I followed the rules (shit)

I’ll duel you like I’m Alexander
I’ll take your ass to school like I’m Bernie Sanders
I’m your chief commander, I exceed the standard
While the cheaters next to me are tryna read my answers

Read too many books, I was ten years old
Got a pair of specs and I said here goes
They made me into a rejected weirdo
And became the lens through which i see the world

A mechanism for correcting my retina
Injected into my identification ended up setting a
Precedent that nerdy was acceptable
My spectacles
Made me respectable




I’m only getting better and better
I’m feeling unfettered by tethers or pressure to be the mainstream
I always dreamed of getting on Letterman
Then when it ended I settled for making it in my daydreams

But I’m cool now, strange as it may seem
We’re living in the golden age of dank memes
And people dig it when I’m being eccentric
spitting nonsensical shit like I’m in a game of spaceteam

Maybe I’m a legend in the making cause
The way of my trade is so painstaking but
Maybe it’s the method that I shake it up
Shakespeare on your ass, the rap game is up

Smart is in
And my heart is in it
I’m delivering artful lyrics from start to finish
And when they’re
Stepping onto your pedestal
Kicking you in the genitals
Hitting you in the head you can bet i’ll be wearing my glasses



released February 17, 2017
Written by LEX
Produced by Noah FB
Cover Art by Tyranus Kong



all rights reserved


LEX the Lexicon Artist Berkeley, California

LEX the Lexicon Artist writes and performs intellectual comedy rap, aka "smart rap".

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